Elon Musk lookalike

WATCH: Elon Musk’s Chinese lookalike leaves netizens awestruck

Netizens were left awestruck after watching the video of a Chinese man due to his uncanny resemblance to billionaire Elon Musk, NDTV reported.

The internet referred to Chinese man as Tesla CEO’s “doppelganger”. He was identified as Yilong Ma.

The video is old, but is making the rounds on the internet now, possibly due to the recent controversies surrounding Musk, bringing him into the spotlight.

The video, posted originally by Udubria Isaac on Instagram on June 1, has garnered over 16 million views and one million likes.

Captioned “Chinese Elon Musk”, the video opens with Musk’s lookalike getting out of a Tesla car and saying “Hi everyone, I’m Elon Musk.” He didn’t have anything else to say after that, and him running out of words made the video hilarious.

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