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Elizabeth Olsen shares her experience with auditioning!

Elizabeth Olsen has definitely been making a name for herself in recent years. The 31-year-old actress has found success starring in a number of movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Furthermore, she was championed for her emotional executive in television shows like Sorry for Your Loss. But, while Olsen may have started receiving household recognition in the past few years, she’s been working in the industry since she was a young child.

Olsen got her started in the industry as a child actor. But, rather than going straight into acting when she turned 18, she opted to go to college. Choosing one of the most selective programs in the country, the WandaVision star chose to study Acting at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. While at school, Olsen learned important techniques and also cultivated some important mindsets that she still embraces today, according to a report by CheatSheet.

Olsen acknowledges that there are plenty of things that are out of control when you audition, but she chooses to focus on the things that she does have control over instead. “What’s in your control is being prepared and knowing your sh*t and making your decisions and so it was just something that I really honed in at the beginning of working,” Olsen shared in an interview with Off Camera.

“If you walk in and you do a good job they’re so relieved because everyone’s so uncomfortable watching people audition. All they want is for you to do a good job so that they can be done with their day. They want to like find the person and get out of there,” Olsen revealed about what she thinks goes through directors’ heads. The movie star also shared that her experience with auditioning is very much meditative.

“To me, it’s like meditation. To me, when you’re acting you’re focused on something that has nothing to do with the 99% of recycled thoughts that happens in the day-to-day. And so that gets to go aside and then you get to focus on this other thing that’s in front of you and so that’s why I that’s why it’s like such a break to me,” Olsen shared. Clearly, Olsen’s approach to auditioning is working for her. We’re sure she has plenty more movies in her future.

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