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Eight Chinese men arrested for forcing Pakistani girls into prostitution in China

The Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) has taken into custody at least eight Chinese men facing charges of forcing young girls from Pakistan in prostitution after deceptively marrying them. 

The gang was taken under arrest after FIA conducted an operation on the orders of Director General Bashir Memon.

FIA spokesman Jameel Meo added that the investigative agency raided a local housing society near Lahore airport, under the supervision of senior FIA officials.

The eight detainees have been accused of marrying innocent young girls from Pakistan, later forcing them to work as sex workers in China. 

On April 13, a shocking report had come to light, revealing that several Chinese nationals were marrying Pakistani girls, and taking them to China with a purpose of trafficking.

According to revelation made by TV anchor, a Chinese gang comprising large number of deceivers is involved in the business and working in an organised manner.

The reports say that these Chinese men marry Pakistani girls, take them to China and force them into prostitution and sell their body organs.

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