Dubai, Quran Park, Al Quran Park, miracles, Islam, Khawaneej

VIDEO: Dubai opens ‘Al Quran Park’ to aware people about miracles of Islam

The world’ first ‘Al Quran Park’ opened in Dubai’s Al Khawaneej area on March 29 (Friday), with an aim to  provide visitors a chance to learn about miracles mentioned in the Holy Quran.

The Dubai Municipality announced on its official Twitter profile that it will inaugurate the Quranic Park on March 29.

The entry to the park will be free for all visitors.

Dubai, Quran Park, Al Quran Park, miracles, Islam, Khawaneej

The park aims to provide bridges of intellectual and cultural communication with different cultures, religions and peoples to see the cultural achievements of Islam in the field of plant ecology.


The 60-hectare park have all available plants mentioned in the Holy Quran along with facilities such as an attractive main entrance, an administration building, an Islamic garden, children’s play areas, Umrah corner, an outdoor theatre, areas for showing the miracles of the Quran, fountains, bathrooms, a glass building, a desert garden, a palm oasis, a lake, a running track, a cycling track and a sandy walking track.

The plants mentioned in the Holy Quran are 54 and include fig, pomegranate, olive, corn, leek, garlic, onion, lentil, barley, wheat, ginger, pumpkin, watermelon, tamarind, seders, vineyards, bananas, cucumbers and basil.

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