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Drew Barrymore says she is ‘burnt out’ on loving romance

Drew Barrymore is done with love and all the drama that comes along with it.

In a deeply personal conversation with New York Magazine, the actress, 48, got candid in about her reluctance to explore new relationships.

Barrymore, who has been married three times, has remained single for the most part, aside from a few “occasional” dates over the past couple of years.

“I spent a lot of my life loving romance and drama and all of that. I just burnt myself out on it,” she said of her single life. “I am genuinely am tired and exhausted.”

Barrymore, who shares daughters Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, with Kopelman, 44, told the outlet that she has been seeking therapy to figure out what are the reasons behind her disinclination towards relationships. She said she is “curious to examine why I’m not open to a relationship.”

Drew Barrymore says she is ‘burnt out’ on loving romance
Drew Barrymore says she is ‘burnt out’ on loving romance
The Scream actress was married to Kopelman in 2012 but called it quits four years later.

Reflecting on her split, The Drew Barrymore Show host told People in December 2022 that the divorce ‘broke her.’

“It just took me down,” she told the outlet. “There are times where you can look at someone you think is a strong person and see them so broken and go, ‘How the f–k did they get there?’ And I was that person. I broke.”

In 1993, Drew and Jeremy Thomas met at a Los Angeles bar owned by the latter. In March 1994, the pair tied the knot after six months of dating. The couple filed for divorce two months later, which was finalised in 1995.

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