Dracula mansion Vaccine Center, Romania

Dracula’s famous mansion turned into the Vaccine Center

Dracula’s world-famous castle has been turned into a vaccine center. This place is called ‘Dracula’s Castle’ and Bram Stoker wrote his famous novel Dracula.

Located in the Romanian region of Brennan, the castle is now being vaccinated against needles with needles instead of sharp teeth. As the castle’s fame spread throughout the world, it was declared a national monument in Romania.

In this castle lived a tyrant king, Vlad III, also known in history as Vlad Dracula. It was notorious for his cruelty that he even drank people’s blood. On the other hand, he had set up a torture chamber in the fort where his opponents were persecuted.

Now a large number of tourists come to this place and a poster has been put up here saying that vaccines are given here for free. 

A 39-year-old tourist who was vaccinated was also given a certificate of ‘bravery and responsibility’. He was promised that if he came to the fort for the next 100 years, he would be warmly welcomed. There will also be a free tour of the torture chamber. Violence against opponents 500 years ago can also be seen in this room.

The fort was built between the hills in the 15th century AD. 

It is foggy all the time and at night the fort looks even more mysterious. A king named Vlad III lived here and seeing this, the famous author wrote a masterpiece novel called Dracula.

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