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Divya Bharti was Aditya Chopra’s first choice for ‘Simran’ in DDLJ: report

The elegant actress of Bollywood, Divya Bharti, who died at a tender age of 19 after mysterious fall from her apartment in Mumbai, left behind many unanswered questions and memories for her fans live with.

The late actress had already become a most sought-after star in Bollywood after her debut in Vishwatma and her scintillating dance in ‘Saat Samundar Paar’ song, which is still as relevant as it was couple of decades ago.

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Divya Bharti hit the Screens with a “Thunder” soon – with “Shola aur Shabnam” & Shah Rukh Khan’s launch-pad “Deewana”. She was highly appreciated for her “Mature” performance as “Kaajal”. Shahrukh-Divya chemistry sizzled the market and was seen as the hottest “on-screen” Pair. She acted in 14 movies which were released between 1992-1993; an unbroken Record till date. Several projects were already in the making. Directors/Writers were penning down “Author-backed” roles for her.

It is reported that Divya was Aditya Chopra’s original choice for Simran in the blockbuster Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, but her untimely death let many actresses of the time to grab projects taken up by Divya.

“Love is Blind” they say with Cupid striking the naïve at an unknown time. Divya was all of 16 when she met Sajid Nadiadwala and they both instantly fell in Love. After achieving what many would give an arm or a leg to attain, she took the plunge to get married on 20 May 1992. She converted to Islam and took a new name Sana. Much after the severe disapproval of her family, she kept it as a secret to avoid panic in the industry.

Kshatriya was released with the Biggest names of Cinema under a single roof. Divya stood out as a confident Performer amongst the ensemble of Talent. Her personal life seemed messed up as media revealed the turbulence in her life over choosing marriage against a flourishing Acting career.

Divya had died after falling from fifth floor from her apartment, Tulsi-II, in Mumbai, on April 5, 1993. The reason of her fall from the towering building couldn’t be established till date and the police closed the case in 1998, stating the actress died of unnatural causes.

There are a few social media users who also suspect the hand of Bal Thackery in death of Divya Bharti because she had become Muslim. Such surmises and statements turn worth considering when the Divya’s death case history is tracked. The Police couldn’t find anything or perhaps was told to bury the case, is also a mystery.

When Divya died, three people were present with her at that time – her designer Neeta Lulla, Shyam Lulla and her maid Amrita. Shockingly, Amrita lost her life within 30 days of Divya’s death due to cardiac arrest, hence she couldn’t be questioned.

Amrita could have been an important eye-witness, who may have provided some inside information of the fateful night, but she died –or as some people say, she was silenced.

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