Divya Bharti, Neeta Lulla, Shyam Lulla, Mumbai, Versova Apartment, Bollywood

Divya Bharti ’s death: Should Neeta Lulla, Shyam Lulla be investigated?

The tragic demise of Bollywood’s rising star of the 90s, Divya Bharti, may have been 29 years to the world, but a extensive number of fans still remember the gorgeous actress and look for answers to theories surrounding her mysterious death.

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Who ‘killed’ Divya Bharti is far from any fact-based notion because what happened at the fateful night of April 5, 1993 in Mumbai’s Versova Apartment was either known to the actress who left the world, or three people – her maid Amrita, and dress designers Neeta Lulla and Shyam Lulla – who were accompanying Bharti at her apartment.

Accept it as a coincidence or ‘something else’, Amrita died within 30 days of Divya’s death due to reported cardiac arrest. Hence she could not be questioned by the police.

Divya Bharti, Neeta Lulla, Shyam Lulla, Mumbai, Versova Apartment, Bollywood

While, Neeta Lulla and Shyam Lulla, haven’t yet given any clear version of the incident, neither in the media nor in any public statement. They were reportedly interrogated by the police after the incident, and that’s all the world knows about their input.

Several social media clamours erupt time and again calling for reopening of the investigation along with ‘grilling’ of fashion designing duo Lullas as police may extract some startling insight of the fateful night. Some users even see Lullas with a suspicious eye, as well.

Recently, a devoted fan of Divya Bharti, named Sara Dutt, shared a screenshot of Neeta Lulla’s Instagram account, showing she was blocked by the renowed designer on Twitter. Sara Dutt explained she had tagged Neeta Lulla in a story related to Divya’s stolen watch at the time of her death. Neeta Lulla, instead of responding or sharing any fond memories of the late actress, chose to block the user instead.

Apparently surprised after being blocked by Neeta Lulla: Sara Dutt wrote on her instagram: The article I posted about #divyabharti about a police man may have stole her gold watch after her death accused by #neetalulla I tagged her im surprised she saw it on both and she blocked me she really is something honestly😂😂lol many know she was with Divya and along with neeta husband the day Divya died…”

The fateful night

On 5 April 1993, around 11 PM, Bharti fell off the balcony of her fifth floor apartment at the Tulsi buildings in Versova, Mumbai.

After neighbours discovered her in a pool of blood, she was rushed in an ambulance to the emergency department at Cooper Hospital Mumbai where doctors failed to revive her.

The immediate cause of death was stated as the heavy internal bleeding at the back of the head which was severely injured.

The reason of falling was never established and several theories circulated in the media during that time, including push by someone, involvement of her husband, falling under influence of alcohol and underworld mafia.

Instagram post courtesy: Sara Dutt

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  1. Rohit kumar

    Mumbai police kitni corrupt hai ,Neeta lulla kaise bach sakti hai ,clearly murder hai Khabarnaamaa team you should definitely investigate lullas history all details .mujhe aapse bahut ummeedein hai .Kya article like hai aapne. kisi NE aisa nahi likha tha main aapka die heart fan ho Chuka hun.aapne bahut mehnat se kaam Kiya hai aur aage bhi aisa hi batatein rahein


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