Czech model, drug case, Lahore prison

Czech model acquitted in drug case leaves Lahore prison

A Czech model sentenced to over eight years in prison for drug trafficking in Pakistan in 2019 was released on Nov 20 after her acquittal this month, the Czech foreign minister said.

Tereza Hluskova, 25, was arrested at the airport in Lahore for trafficking nine kilogrammes of heroin in January 2018.

Footage released by Pakistani customs officials showed authorities uncovering drugs hidden in her suitcase as she was trying to board a flight headed for the United Arab Emirates.

Hluskova, who insisted someone had placed the drugs in her suitcase, was sentenced in March 2019 to eight years and eight months in prison and was also fined.

But a court of appeals acquitted her on November 1 this year as “the prosecution failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt”, according to her lawyer Saif ul Malook.

“The Czech citizen was released from prison in Pakistan today,” the Czech foreign ministry tweeted. “Our embassy will now help her arrange a trip back to the Czech Republic.”

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