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Cyclist Samar Khan says she was harassed while riding on Islamabad road

Cyclist Samar Khan has said that she will not spare the man who harassed her while she was riding her bicycle in Islamabad.

“I will not spare anyone and we must make an example of such people [harassers],” she said while speaking in a video uploaded on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

Khan, the first Pakistani woman who has cycled on glaciers in the Karakoram Range and Kilimanjaro in Africa, shared that she was riding her bicycle when a man in a maroon shirt groped her.

“When I reached the turning near Faizabad, I felt something on my back. At first, I thought it was my bag but then I felt the movement go up and then down,” she said in another video posted on Friday. “I turned around and saw a man smiling at me. He was riding a motorcycle behind me. I started screaming at me but he grinned and then sped past me.”

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I could not reach him in time because I was on a bicycle, she said. “I asked people to help me but the man had fled by then.”

The cyclist said that rather than questioning her clothes, people, specifically men, should focus on making society better for me. “Men tell their wives and daughters not to leave the house when it’s dark outside. I just want to know, do men turn into beasts at night that they can’t control themselves and behave? Do you not trust yourselves at all?”

She said she doesn’t understand what thrill some men get from groping women. “I am not trying to spread anything against men. I just want to know why other men don’t do something when women are harassed on the road?”

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