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COMMENT: Could there be an ‘international hand’ in Lahore gang-rape?

A gang-rape at Lahore motorway near Gujjarpura area has shocked the nation, and people demand retribution for the accused in no time. But, is this all what is being reported, or there is something more that is not in sight at the moment?

The incident occurred, victim’s statement recorded and crime site examined – which proved that the woman was subjected to sexual assault. The complaint was also formally launched with the local police.

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The case also threw Pakistan into spotlight because of the nature of the Lahore gang-rape as the woman was not only subjected to rape, but her two minor children were also reportedly made to watch the horrendous episode.

The statement of Lahore police chief, Umar Sheikh, in which he questioned the victim’s choice of travelling through a deserted motorway despite busy GT Road drew intense criticism and social media users called for his resignation because of his insensitive remarks. However, the CCPO appeared firm on his stance and he repeated the same viewpoint in another interview the same day.

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What the CCPO could be in his personal capacity and people have the right to raise objection to it, but under the law, the government may not be able to take any action against him as his comment was not forbidden or punishable by law. Yet, he will continue to be on the radar of human rights activist for remarks unbecoming to a senior cop like him.

The incident, on the other hand, is being looked as a brutal one driven by sexual greed of criminals who violated the woman, but there are some others who are casting doubts whether the incident was actually a random occurrence of crime or something which is backed by “international factors”, because such cases undoubtedly disrepute a country at the global front.

One of the senior journalists, on condition of anonymity, told KhabarNaamaa that he was failing to understand the occurrence of the incident. He said it was unfathomable that the victim, driving an expensive vehicle which demonstrates all indicators of fuel, technical glitches, remained oblivious to petrol shortage in the vehicle and still chose to take a route which was deserted.

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He said there were equal chances that the incident was totally indisputable in nature, but in his personal observation, there must be something more to it that the government should dig out.

“I personally believe there could be an international hand to defame Pakistan with this incident,” he stated.

Adding twist to the account, Punjab law minister Raja Basharat on Friday evening (Sep 11) said that the motorway gang rape is a “blind incident with no evidence”.

The law minister made this comment after having surveyed the crime scene on Lahore’s Ring Road highway.

“This is a blind incident. There is no overt evidence to take the matter forward. We will have to develop the evidence through an investigation and have it corroborated and only then will we be able to get to a point where we can have a concrete picture,” the law minister said.

Is there something that the Law Minister is trying to hint at? Only completion of investigation will solve this puzzle.

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