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Citizens importing unavailable medicines can apply for it online

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has launched a system for importing personal use medicines online for the convenience of patients. Citizens will now be able to obtain NOC for personal use medicines at home.

DRAP officials say that there are some drugs in Pakistan that are not available in the country due to various reasons, which patients can import for personal use, but it is necessary to get NOC from DRAP for this.

DRAP officials say that in this regard, the patient or his applicant will have to submit an online application for NOC. The patient or applicant will go to the DRAP website and make an online application stating whether he needs NOC for export or import of the drug.

The application must provide personal information to the patient or applicant, including the patient’s or applicant’s name, ID card number, photos of the front and back of the ID card, mobile number and address.

In the application, the patient has to upload a copy of the prescription given by the doctors who must have the address, signature and seal of the doctor. The details of the medicine and the required number must also be stated. The application must also state from which country the said drug will be imported or exported to which country.

Applicants will be able to file their application after providing the above information.

The system will then issue the ID number to the applicant and the concerned officer of DRAP will issue the NOC after examining the application.

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