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Chinese firm imposes fine on employees who go toilet for more than one time

A Chinese company has come under fire from social media users for imposing fines on employees who go to the toilet for the second time during office hours.

The Chinese company Inpo Electric Science and Technology has informed its employees through a notice that they can go to the toilet only once while working in the office. And if an employee goes to the toilet for the second time in a day, he will have to pay a fine of 20 yuan (about 500 Pakistani rupees).

An unnamed employee of the company shared the notice on Chinese social media sites, after which the company faced severe criticism.

In response to this, the company Inpo says that lazy and lazy employees often go to the toilet again and again to avoid work and sit and smoke cigarettes with pleasure which causes work disruption. The company also clarified that the amount of the fine is not being deducted from the salaries of the employees but is being deducted from the annual and semi-annual bonuses.

The company statement also said that if an employee goes to the toilet several times a day with the written permission of the head of his department, he will not be fined.

Following this stance, many social media users have also supported the company, saying that useless and job-stealing employees forced Inpo to take this drastic step.

However, many people do not agree with this opinion. He says that it is not right to consider every employee as lazy and a work thief as various diseases, especially diabetes, cause frequent urination and urgent need to go to the toilet. The ban is a clear violation of the basic human rights of such individuals.

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