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Chinese citizens tell Pakistanis how to fight coronavirus

The Chinese embassy in Pakistan on March 22 shared a message in Urdu regarding the coronavirus pandemic by a professor teaching the language in the Beijing Foreign Studies University. 

In her message, Nasreen said that China was grateful to Pakistan for helping China during the outbreak of the pandemic.

“We all should trust scientific knowledge, doctors and our government rather than believing in rumours,” said the professor urging that it will help in defeating the infection with the right methods.

In her message, the scholar explained how the coronavirus affected Chinese citizens’ lives. 

“We go out very less and the university is also closed. Everyday we give online lectures,” said the professor. She added that there was no doubt that lots of problems have arised as a result of the lockdown. 

“But I am confident this is temporary because through the efforts of our government and people we will control this pandemic,” she said. 

Nasreen prayed that everyone in Pakistan stays healthy and happy.

The message was shared at a time when the number of confirmed cases in Pakistan rose to 644 on Saturday after new cases were reported across the country.

Globally, 186 countries have been affected, more than 12,000 people have died and more than 300,00 infected by the disease as it spreads rapidly to new territories.

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