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VIDEO: Chaos in Parliament over PTI minister’s ‘Ten Percent’ remark on PPP

Ruckus erupted in the National Assembly on Feb 13 (Thursday) when Minister for Energy Minister Omar Ayub remarked ‘Ten Percent’ in an indirect criticism to the Pakistan People’s Party chairman, Asif Ali Zardari, over corruption.  

With the outset of proceedings, the Speaker asked the lawmakers to avoid point scoring during the serious debate on inflation, yet the advice was ignored.

The situation turned messy only after three speeches were delivered, as with the exchange of heated remarks the lawmakers were about to engage in fistfight, thus forcing the chair to adjourn the proceedings, said a report.


Minister for Energy Minister Omar Ayub, participating in the debate, opened his tirade against the opposition parties by mentioning the performance of previous governments [PPP-P and PML-N].

About PPP-P’s government era, the minister shared the figures from economic reports of mid 70s saying that the corruption was in the genetic make-up of previous government. The MNAs from PPP-P expressed reservation on his remarks and asked the chair to stop him commenting against their leadership.

Referring to the previous government, the minister used the word “ten percent” in context of corruption of the previous government era. Some PPP-P’s MNA strongly reacted on his remarks and rushed to gather around the speaker’s podium.  PPP-P’s young MNA Agha Rafi Ullah tore the copies of agenda and proceeded to seemingly engage in fistfight with Omar Ayub.

MNAs also besieged the minister and tore apart agenda copies.

The treasury benches MNAs gathered around the minister to cool down the situation.  Deputy speaker after failing to control the messy situation abruptly suspended the proceedings for ten minutes and then after the break, adjourned the session.

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