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US airlines, fight, Spirit Airlines

US airlines employees thrashed in violent fight over delayed flight

Three Spirit Airlines employees were battered in a wild melee at a South Florida airport over a delayed flight, according to a report. The brawl captured on video broke...

United States, Armenia, Azerbaijan, border violence, US border violence, Morgan Ortagus

US urges these two countries to halt border violence

The statement came in the wake of a border clash Sunday with Armenian troops in which four Azerbaijani soldiers were martyred and four injured.

Moderna, Vaccine, coronavirus, China

Covid-19 vaccine developed by US biotech firm Moderna enters final stage trial

Story by AFP US biotech firm Moderna said on July 14 it would enter the final stage of human trials for its Covid-19 vaccine on July 27, to test how well it protects...

World Population, United Nations

World population in 2100 could be 2 billion below UN projections

Earth will be home to 8.8 billion souls in 2100, two billion fewer than current UN projections, according to a major study published Wednesday that foresees new global...

Indonesia, contest, insulting words, coronavirus, COVID-19, Indonesia coronavirus contest

Indonesia launches contest to use insulting words against COVID-19

Jawasastra Culture Movement, an association of activists in Indonesia launched has launched a contest “Sayembara Misuh Internasional 2020” of using insulting words...

WHO, coronavirus, COVID-19, WHO coronavirus

‘No return to normal life soon,’ WHO makes it clear

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that too many countries were bungling their response to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning there could be no return to...

Kids, schools, return, coronavirus, covid-19

Ten million kids ‘may never return to school’ after virus

Story by AFP The coronavirus pandemic has caused an “unprecedented education emergency” with up to 9.7 million children affected by school closures at risk...

Drone age, United Nations, military drone age

World entering new military ‘drone age’: UN expert

Story by AFP The world is entering a military “second drone age” with uncontrolled proliferation and no standards governing their use, a United Nations...

Jessica Mulroney, Meghan Markle

Jessica Mulroney to pen explosive tell-all book exposing former BFF Meghan Markle?

Jessica Mulroney’s friendship might have ended with Meghan Markle but she is not letting the incident pass without exposing some secrets.  According to Daily...

Donald Trump, coronavirus, facemask, COVID-19, United States, Donald Trump mask

Trump covers face with mask in public as coronavirus cases surge in US

US President Donald Trump, who was previously never seen in public with a face mask, decided to wear one for the first time during a visit to a military medical facility...