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Buffaloes ‘block PM Imran’s route’, owner fined Rs 2,60,000

In a shocking happening, authorities have imposed a fine of Rs 2,60,000 on an owner of buffaloes after his animals reportedly blocked the route of Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad.

According to reports, the fine was imposed by the environment department of Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation. The reports said an official concerned took notice of buffaloes blocking route of the premier near his residence.

PM was travelling from Bani Gala and Korang Nullah.

It is further reported that the respective administration of the area confiscated 15 buffaloes and sent them in the Islamabad cattle market (Maweshi Pathak) near Rawal Dam.

Investigative journalist Murtaza Ali Shah also tweeted the above happening.

KhabarNaamaa, however, couldn’t independently verify the report.

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