Sania Mirza

Birthday wishes pour in for Sania Mirza

In the rhythmic symphony of the tennis courts, one name reverberates with unparalleled finesse and a trailblazing spirit – Sania Mirza.

Like a comet streaking across the sporting sky, she has etched her name in the annals of tennis history, not just as a player, but as an emblem of resilience, empowerment, and unyielding determination.

Sania Mirza, a maestro with a racket, has not only conquered the courts but also shattered stereotypes, proving that the pursuit of passion knows no boundaries.

She recently graced her Instagram with a heartwarming celebration of her birthday at her Dubai residence, surrounded by her cherished little ones. Through a delightful series of photos capturing the intimate moments, she extended her gratitude for the overwhelming outpour of love and birthday wishes.

Her caption echoed sincere appreciation, acknowledging the affection conveyed through messages on various platforms, in-person greetings, and the presence of those who joined in the festivities – even those content to simply lounge on the couch throughout the day and night. Expressing immense gratitude, she closed with a special shout-out to those she may have missed, ensuring they know they hold a special place in her heart.

“I want to thank everyone for allll the love and wishes on Whatsapp, stories, posts, and in-person for everyone who came to celebrate from everywhere aka( sit and chill on the couch all day and night) THANK YOU and love you .. I am so lucky to have ppl who love me so much missed a few and you know who you are”

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