Bilawal Bhutto, Imran Khan, Abdul Sattar Edhi

Bilawal shares old video of Edhi speaking against Imran

The verbal war between Bilawal Bhutto and Prime Minister Imran Khan is apparently not over, as the former today came up with something that the ruling government benches may not have thought.

A day after PM Khan referred Bilawal as ‘sahiba’ (madam) during his public address,  a social media storm erupted with most of them calling out the PM for addressing Bilawal with a ‘misogynistic’ remarks.

However, ruling government leaders insisted it was a slip of tongue.

Today, Bilawal Bhutto posted a video on his Twitter account, in which late social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi is sharing his critical views about Imran Khan. Bilawal captioned with video as ‘The great Abdul Sattar Edhi exposing Imran Khan and his facilitators.’

In the interview, Edhi claims Imran Khan and Hamid Gul threatened him during Benazir Bhutt0’s tenure as prime minister. Edhi stated in the years-0ld interview that he was asked to join their team to oppose the PPP-led government. However, he rejected the offer after which threats were made on his life resultantly.

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