Lahore girl bikini, Bikini girl Bahria Town Lahore

Bikini-clad girl in Lahore draws public, social media attention

A girl clad in a bikini — an attire seen as a taboo in Pakistani society — was spotted at an apartment in Lahore the other day, causing shocking and surprise among onlookers at the spot.

The video of the girl, who was seen standing with a man, made rounds on social media. Reports claim the apartment where the girl was spotted is located in Bahria Town, but it could not verified independently.

The identity and reason for such a candid public exposure also could not be ascertained.

Here is the video:

The incident has reportedly created a lot of buzz on social media with netizens guessing the reason behind the shocking act.

Meanwhile, social media users are lashing out at the woman for sharing vulgarity while some defended her as her video has been doing rounds on the internet without her consent.

Some even hinted at legal action as nudity attracts strict action under the country’s conservative laws.

The authenticity of the viral video is yet to be verified independently.

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