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Biden’s ‘InshaAllah’ during speech makes day for Muslims!

Muslims across the US and other parts of the world were pleased when former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden said Inshallah, which means God willing, in his speech.

Biden made the remark in a dig to President Donald Trump during the first presidential debate on September 29.


This happened when Biden interrupted Trump while he was talking about paying his taxes. Trump said that he will release his tax returns soon.

When the moderator of the debate pressed the president to say when he will release his taxes, Biden interjected with, “When? Inshallah?” The vice president then proceeded to laugh at his own joke.

Inshallah is a commonly used phrase by Muslims which hopes that something anticipated will happen. Biden, however, used it in a sarcastic way, something often done by Muslims.

The first presidential debate that was held on September 29. President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden came face to face to tell America to vote for them ahead of elections on November 3.

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