Islamabad Zoo, Austrian experts

Austrian experts declare Islamabad zoo dangerous for animals

A team of experts from Austria was disturbed to see the condition of Kaavan and other animals at the zoo in Islamabad.

Led by Dr Amir Khalil from Four Paws and his colleague Dr Frank Goritz, who is the head veterinarian at Leibniz Institute for Zoo Wildlife Research, Berlin, the six-member team is on its third visit, said a report.

“Conditions were really bad when we came in 2016. We feel sick to see that the conditions are worse now. Back then we handed a mandatory and obligatory report to the responsible authorities, the mayor of Islamabad and the wildlife department, especially regarding Kaavan and other animals at the zoo. We had recommended important changes in the facility. Our recommendations have not been implemented,” said Dr Khalil.

Four Paws is an international animal welfare organisation committed to encouraging people to treat animals with respect, compassion and understanding. It has presence in 15 countries.

The team arrived on the invitation of the government on August 22. “After a pair of lions was killed, the team feels that the situation for animals is dangerous. It is dangerous for staff and visitors to the zoo as well,” he lamented, explaining their task which is to provide medical assistance and assist evacuate animals in the light of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) order,” he said.

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