Aurat March, placards, Pakistan

Aurat March placards stir online debate once again

Every year Pakistani women take to the streets and organise Aurat March across the country against  what they call ‘injustices and patriarchal elements’.

Continuing with its theme of women empowerment and fighting against the patriarchy, several banners and placards went viral on social media.

Here are a few of them from all over the country:

This cleverly made placard speaks out against misogyny by using a famous line from Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s “Gangs of Wasseypur” movie.

Behind the large, power slogan of the Aurat Azadi March, one banner can be seen which urges women and men both to become each other’s strengths rather than weaknesses.

These two posters shed light important problems and issues that women face and the solutions they need. 

For anyone who thinks this march is about them instead of the issues that women face each day, this poster is a very good reminder that the march seeks to cover the hindrances and patriarchal mindset that women face each day in their lives.

Aurat March took place in different cities of Pakistan to observe International Women’s Day.

Women from all walks of life arrived at different venues to mark the much-awaited event of this year.

In Karachi, the march was held at Frere Hall, while in Lahore, the protestors gathered at the Lahore Press Club and marched towards the front of the PIA building in the city.

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