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Ashish Nehra finally reacts to abusing Dhoni in match against Pakistan!

Ex-Indian pacer Ashish Nehra had an infamous moment when he abused Dhoni in a 2005 match after the latter dropped a catch that gave Shahid Afridi a lifeline

“I distinctly remember that match in Visakhapatnam. It was the second ODI of that series. In a video that went viral, I am seen hurling abuses at MS after an edge off Shahid Afridi’s bat goes between Dhoni and Rahul Dravid at first slip. People assume it’s from the Vizag match, but that incident is from the fourth ODI in Ahmedabad. However, I must admit I am not proud of my behaviour,” Nehra told TOI.

“I had been hit for six by Afridi off just the previous ball. There was the usual pressure of an India-Pakistan match. Suddenly, I created a chance and it was missed. I lost my cool. That wasn’t the only incident where a player has lost his cool in that manner. Both Dravid and Dhoni were fine with me after the game but that doesn’t justify my behaviour,” he added.

Nehra believes that the video is viral on the internet because it features MS Dhoni.

“The video is still popular because it has Dhoni in it. It’s like that old picture of me presenting an award to Virat Kohli when he was a kid. The picture is famous because it has Kohli in it, not because of me,” he explained.

Nehra also stated that someday he would have to give an explanation to his kids on why he behaved the way he did because they would eventually end up watching the video where he is caught abusing.


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