Arnold Katherine

Arnold raves about daughter Katherine’s incredible journey as a mother

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently gushed over his newfound status as grandpa and admitted that he’s ‘proud’ of his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger for embracing motherhood.

The actor weighed in on everything during his recent public appearance for the new Netflix series Fubar.

In the midst of this appearance Schwarzenegger gushed over his daughter and said, “It’s nice to see your kids having kids themselves and to watch this new dimension.”

According to a report by People magazine, he also said, “You see them growing up and you see them going to school and getting smart and getting their degrees, getting their jobs and all this, but now seeing them be a parent? It’s fantastic. It’s really great.”

For those unversed, Katherine Schwarzenegger has two children, Eloise, 1, and Lyla, 2, who she shares with husband Chris Pratt.

Schwarzenegger also went on to dish over how much he enjoyment he gets and admitted, “I just love when she [Katherine] comes over to my house or when I go over there, but most of the time she comes to my house because I have all the animals.”

“It’s really fun to watch and hang out with her now and to see the way she’ll react to the kids because she is so great with them,” she also admitted before signing off.

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