Armeena Khan, Armenia, plane crash

Actress Armeena Khan tells Twitterati not to confuse her name spelling with country ‘Armenia’

Pakistani actress, Armeena Khan has asked Twitteratis not to confuse her name spelling with the former Soviet republic ‘Armenia’.

Clarifying the confusion on Twitter, the Janaan starlet said: “I’m not Armenia, I’m Armeena”. Replying to which, the social media users brought a comic angel in the conversation and jested with the actress, asking her not to engage in a fight with “Azhar bhaijan” (the quip made by the netizens while referring to Armenia’s arch-rival ‘Azerbaijan’).

Armeena Khan, Armenia, plane crash

While others shared on how they had always the misspelled her name and confused the spelling with the country Armenia all that long.

At least 24 people have died after deadly clashes between arch foes Armenia and Azerbaijan, as the latest violence in the decades-long territorial dispute sparked international calls Sunday to halt the fighting.

Armeena Khan, Armenia, plane crash

The worst skirmishes since 2016 have raised the spectre of a fresh war between the ex-Soviet rivals, locked since the early 1990s in a stalemate over the Armenia-backed breakaway region of Nagorny Karabakh.

The actress also called for prays to avert the looming dangers of a deadly war. “On a serious note, wars are bloody and people lose loved ones. Let’s pray for this war to end,” Khan said in a tweet.

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