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Apps like TikTok harming values of Pakistani society: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan is of the view that social media apps like TikTok are badly harming the society’s values and should be blocked, Information Minister Shibli Faraz said in an interview.

During the interview, Shibli Faraz said, “PM Imran is extremely concerned about the ‘growing obscenity and vulgarity’ in the society and has directed all the relevant sections to check the trend before it destroys the socio-religious values of Pakistani society”.

The information minister said that the premier had discussed this issue with him not once or twice but 15 or 16 times and wants a comprehensive strategy to check the vulgarity being spread in society through mainstream outlets as well as social media and its applications.

The prime minister in an earlier interview had also shared his views on the matter when his attention was drawn on the barbaric motorway gang-rape incident.

“World history tells when you increase fahashi (vulgarity) in the society, two things happen: sex crimes increase and the family system breaks down,” the prime minister had said, underscoring that it is not only the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to battle out the prevalent sexual crimes in the country in fact it is the responsibility of the entire society to fight against such heinous offences.

Shibli Faraz said that the premier recently told him that apps like TikTok are badly harming society’s values and thus should be blocked. The minister said that he told the prime minister that the owners of such apps will first be approached to respect the values of society and ensure that no indecent and obscene content is shared.

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