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Apple rumored to replace iPad mini with foldable iPhone

Latest report from MyDrivers suggests that Apple might replace the iPad mini with a foldable version of the iPhone. If that didn’t sound bizarre enough, this foldable iPhone will also support stylus input.

Mind you, this won’t be the iPhone 13, but instead a new device that would displace the iPad mini altogether. MyDrivers claims the device could arrive in September 2022, said a report.

However, another report from the technology research platform EqualOcean claims that the foldable iPhone will arrive in 2023 instead.

The rumored iPhone will feature a clamshell folding design, with the display size pegged to be somewhere between 7.3 and 7.6-inches diagonally.

The display aspect ratio will be taller than usual to get the maximum mileage out of the foldable form factor.

The report also talks about stylus support, which is quite important to iPad users, but it doesn’t specify whether the input device will be designed from scratch or just incorporate support for existing Apple Pencil.

The report also specifies that the display will be OLED, but that’s moot considering it is the only display technology that currently supports flexible implementations.

The rumors sound too strange to be true, simply due to the vastly different price segments of the iPhone and iPad mini. The latter is an affordable tablet, whereas the iPhone is the company’s flagship product.

Apple has generally been quite conservative with the iPad design. Its latest push to position the device as laptop replacement is also at odds with these rumors.

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