Apartment, Australia, kitchen, bathroom

An apartment in Australia has a bathroom in kitchen

A studio apartment listed for rent in Australia is drawing attention online for an unusual design feature — the bathroom and kitchen are separated by only a glass wall.

The studio apartment, located in the Surry Hills area of Sydney, places the kitchen and bathroom side by side, with the toilet and shower in full view from the cooking area.

 The glass walls of the bathroom are partially frosted for privacy, but a barrier located right in front of the toilet is completely transparent.

Emma Mattiuzzo of Exclusive Real Estate, which is listing the residence, told listing website Domain the glass walls of the bathroom are designed to “give the illusion of more space.”

She said there has been some interest in the studio, which is listed for $245 a week. Mattiuzzo said the property was formerly a short-term vacation rental, but the owner is searching for long-term residents due to the downturn in tourism amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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