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Alizeh Shah lodges cybercrime complaint over viral smoking video

Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah is taking strict action against people who captured and shared her smoking video online.

Head Of Sindh’s FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) Cyber Crime, Imran Riaz, turned to his Instagram Stories on Friday to voice his support for actress Alizeh Shah after a smoking video of the Ehd-e-Wafa star went viral.

In his clip, Imran iterated that “capturing, uploading, sharing, re-tweeting and transmitting a person’s video without their consent falls under electronic crime and a people who are involved in the act can be imprisoned for at least three years or could be subject to a Rs.10 lac penalty.”

Shah, who had otherwise kept mum over the video, turned to her Instagram to share Imran Riaz’s statement in her case.

In a recent scandal, a personal picture of Alizeh Shah has been leaked on social media.

The picture, shared on micro-blogging website Twitter by entertainment account Showbiz & News, which had also last week shared alleged private photos of the Ehd-e-Wafa actress.

The latest picture, which the account claims to be Alizah’s, a semi-naked girl can be seen taking a selfie from a mobile, apparently in a washroom.

The picture has been leaked by the actress’s ex-boyfriend, the account wrote.

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Similarly a few months back, the account had shared several alleged picture pictures of the actress in which she was seen in a romantic mood with a boy, which many people suspect is her alleged boyfriend actor Noman Sami.

Alizeh hasn’t yet made any statement on the leaks.

Alizeh is the young face of the Pakistan television industry who gained massive popularity in a very short period of time.

Alizeh debut drama Ishq Tamasha with Kinza and Aiman earned her a lot of love, respect, and appreciation from the audience. Recently, she won the hearts of millions of her fans with her tremendous acting in the most-watched drama Ehd-e-Wafa.

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