Akshay Kumar, fire

Akshay Kumar sets himself on fire!

Bollywood superstar, Akshay Kumar, shocked his fans with a horrifying stunt by setting himself on fire.

According to media reports,  Akshay shunned many of his admirers  who asked him not to light himself on fire, as it could be  highly dangerous.

Speaking at the event, the Bollywood Khiladi  said  that action is within him, adding: “I call my self a stuntman first and then an actor.”

During his stunt, a team of experts were present at the stage to cope with the situation, while  all the requisite safety precautions and permissions were taken.

 At the event, the daring actor,  who is admired for bringing innovation to his work, revealed that he will make his digital debut with “The End”, adding that  he’s doing that for his son, Aarav. 

The superstar said: “My Son Aarav wanted me to work on digital platform and here I am.”

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