Mariyam Nafees, vacation, pictures

Actress Mariyam Nafees’s vacation pictures go viral

Pakistan actress and model Mariyam Nafees is currently vacationing with her friends and the pictures of her trip are going viral.

The actress has not exactly revealed the spot she is tripping these days, but shared a few pictures for the fans.

Here it is:

Mariyam Nafees, vacation, pictures

Mariyam has made a name for herself in a short time with her supporting roles on television.

She recently opened up about the harassment she has been at the hands of people who harbor misogynistic views.

Taking to her social media, Mariyam narrated an incident where a man had blatantly asked her some hideous questions.

REPLUG: Actress Mariyam Nafees Shares Shocking Harassment Message She Received!

“Actress hu, prostitute nahi. (I’m an actress, not a prostitute) I’m sick of these proposals and I’ve tried whatever I could to make them stop but this is what I’m going to do now. It affects my mental health, it disturbs me that some people think this is what my business is. NO! I’M NOT FOR SALE!,” wrote Mariyam on her Instagram while sharing a screenshot of the conversation between her and the said man.

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