Absa Komal, Mehr Bukhari, Mehar Bukhari

Absa Komal praises Mehar Bukhari for conducting ‘timely interview’ of Punjab’s bigwig

TV anchor Absa Komal has showered praise on Mehr Bukhari for conducting ‘timely interview’ of Punjab politician Chaudhry Pervez Elahi.

Absa’s tweet comes in the wake of a message posted by Mehr on Twitter, saying: “Ch Pervaiz Elahi’s Interview was taken yesterday evening. Aired later the same evening. Not edited in the least. No idea what federal ministers and PM advisors are trying to imply. It is neither an old interview, nor concocted. Shoot the messenger theory in practise it seems.”

To this, Absa came up saying: “What an excellent & timely interview. Even if ch sb now takes a UTurn, what he said to you will always stay relevant.”

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