Supreme Court of Pakistan, pending cases

51,852 cases pending before Supreme Court of Pakistan

Over 51,800 cases are pending before the Supreme Court of Pakistan, a report unearthed on July 20 revealed.

According to the latest fortnightly report of the apex court, 454 cases were decided by the SC from June 16 to June 30, whereas 878 new cases were instituted during the same period and the total pending cases stood at 51,852.

On June 15, the pendency was at 51,428. The principal seat of the apex court in Islamabad had decided the highest numbers of cases ie 286 in two weeks, followed by 60 cases each disposed of at the Karachi and Lahore registries, 48 cases were decided at the Peshawar registry and no case was settled at the Quetta registry during this period, the report added.

Similarly, the principal seat of the apex court had received 495 new cases, followed by 187 cases at the Lahore registry, 146 cases filed at the Karachi registry, 28 at Quetta and 22 cases were instituted at the Peshawar registry between June 16 and June 30, it concluded.

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