Petrol station, illegal petrol pumps, Pakistan

4,149 illegal petrol pumps uncovered in Pakistan, action impending

As many as 4,149 illegal petrol pumps have been uncovered in the country, the FBR report submitted to the Prime Minister revealed.

According to reports, the government has prepared a line of action against smuggling, after which these pumps will be razed.

Sources said that there are 2,309 illegal pumps in Balochistan and 1,364 illegal petrol pumps in Punjab.

There are 344 illegal petrol pumps in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 132 illegal pumps in Sindh.

Reports said that the operation would be launched from the border districts of Sindh, Punjab and KP and illegal pumps would be sealed in the country.

It is said that notices would be issued under the Customs Act 1969 and illegal pumps would be confiscated by the federal government.

An FIR against such pumps will also be registered, while the operation against pumps will require the presence of local police and a magistrate.

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