UK teacher, Kandice Barber, student, affair

35-year-old UK teacher detained for illicit affair with 15-year-old student

A UK female teacher is accused of having an intimate affair with a teenage school boy and in fact indulging in unethical activities with him.

According to a report, the married teacher accused of having sex with a 15-year-old pupil was caught after a naked photo of her was circulated among the boy’s friends and their older brothers, a court heard. 

Kandice Barber
Kandice Barber

Kandice Barber, 35, is accused of meeting up for sex with a boy, who was 15 at the time and cannot be named, on three occasions in late 2018 in a field, in woods and in her four-by-four, as well as sending indecent pictures of herself to him on Snapchat, according to a report by DailyMail.

Aylesbury Crown Court heard that Barber was a cover supervisor at the school and was bound by the same rules as teaching staff to not contact students outside school without the head’s permission.

A police interview of a close friend of the complainant was shown to the jury in which the boy said: ‘I am 100 per cent sure of one time it happened. They met up after but I’m not sure if they did it again after that,’ He said it never happened at either of the alleged lovers’ houses.

UK teacher, Kandice Barber, student, affair

‘He talked about her partly like she was a normal girl. Another part was it was kind of unusual because she was actually a teacher.

The boy said he had known the complainant since year four, and that he was ‘funny, very sporty, kind, mature.’

‘I told him ‘if it’s found out, he could get in trouble. If you feel felt bad you should probably leave anyway’.’

Later, in the cross examination with defending counsel Nadia Chbat, the boy said he had told his close friend that he should refrain from telling others. ‘That’s the way it’s going to come out, if you tell other people about it.

A third schoolboy colleague said that the complainant told him he and Barber had had an immoral activity at his house as well, reported The Sun.

“I presumed his parents weren’t there,” he told the court.

“I was shocked, bit of a fantasy to get with a teacher but I didn’t believe it. Why would she want to get involved with him at all? I thought, why jeopardise your career for a fling with a 15 or 16-year-old?”

The trial continues.

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