Sunny Leone, football skills, Instagram, Sunny Leone football

VIDEO: Is Sunny Leone a part-time footballer?

Sunny Leone, known for her sprightly personality and happy-go-lucky Instagram posts, shared a glimpse of her many talents on Sunday. Sunny followed up the first half of...

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Zartaj Gul, Sherry Rehman, Climate Change

VIDEO: Minister Zartaj Gul faces tough questions from Sherry Rehman in Senate

State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul had a tough time facing the PPP’s Sherry Rehman when the latter posed series of questions related to the Ministry. In a...

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Pakistan car sales, Sale of cars Pakistan, Pakistan

Sale of cars increases 13.42% in first half of the year 2020-21

The sale and production of cars in the country has witnessed an increase of 13.42 and...

Shabbar Zaidi, Rs 5000 note, Pakistan

Pakistan govt advised to demonetize Rs5,000 note to curb bribery

Former Federal Board of Revenue chairman Shabbar Zaidi believes that the government...

Profit rates, National Saving Schemes, certificates, Profit National Saving Schemes

Profit rates on National Saving Schemes certificates increased

The Finance Minister on Thursday (Jan 21) issued a revised list of profit rates on...